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The Legal Guidance You Need In Child Support Matters

Whether through marriage dissolution or legal separation, family courts assign parents an amount to provide for their children. At New Horizon Family Law, in Birmingham, we assist families in all matters regarding children in divorce. Whether you want to secure custody and visitation rights or establish your paternity, we can provide you with personalized legal solutions and skilled representation.

Learning More About Your Rights And Obligations

In Alabama, fathers and mothers must contribute financially to the welfare of the children after divorce until their children reach the age of 19, graduate from school or become emancipated. Family courts determine the amount and who will pay child support based on a set of rules. This means that, despite the good intentions of both parents, child support is not something to agree upon outside the courts.

The main purpose of granting alimony is to give the children the same standard of living, had their parents’ marriage continued. In order to do so, and based on the assumption that both parents must support their children financially, Alabama courts follow an “income shares model.” The total amount required to provide a child is then divided according to each parent’s gross income.

Although the procedure may seem easy at first, it entails many complex formulas and elements to consider. Our lawyers can assist you in learning, for example, if a part of your income should be discounted from child support calculations and why. We can also help you determine if the child support you will pay corresponds to your custody and visitation plan. For example, only the noncustodial parent will pay support if the other parent is a sole custodian. Whichever is your case, our goal is to protect your rights before any potential controversy or unfair child support arrangement.

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