High Asset Divorce Needs Skilled Legal Counsel

Compassionate And Skilled Legal Representation In Custody And Visitation Matters

Perhaps one of the most challenging and emotional parts of a divorce or legal separation is agreeing on custody and visitation rights. When it comes to decisions of this nature, judges uphold the child’s best interests. However, it is imperative that you learn your options to reach agreements or defend your rights before the court.

The lawyers at New Horizon Family Law, in Birmingham, can help you through every step of marriage dissolution to protect your parental rights. We not only care about settling your case, but we also strive to align your and your child’s best interests to develop legal solutions for the benefit of the parties involved. Each case we take deserves personalized attention. Therefore, our attorneys will closely monitor the progress of your case and remain available to answer your questions or address your concerns.

Learning Your Options, Protecting Your Child’s Best Interests

Our knowledgeable and dependable attorneys can help you through the intricate Alabama legal system. When it comes to your child’s welfare, do not risk the opportunity to protect them and your rights. Attorney Shane Oncale, our founding lawyer, has over 27 years of experience helping concerned parents develop custody and visitation plans. He and his team of lawyers are also prepared to assert your rights in the relevant courts.

Some of the matters we address at our law firm include the following:

  • Advice on the laws governing child custody and visitation throughout divorce procedures.
  • Filing of petitions to change matters pertaining to child support and custody.
  • Allegations of domestic violence or unfitness of the current custodial parent (drug abuse, denied visitation rights, neglect).
  • Child relocation and rights of noncustodial parents.

Whether you need assistance to settle the terms of your divorce or modify a divorce decree, we are ready to help. At New Horizon Family Law, we also represent members of the military. We understand the complexities embedded in military divorce and family law. Our priority is to help you set a solid legal basis for your future dynamic as a family.

Let’s Discuss Your Options And Next Steps

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