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Can birdnesting make child custody easier?

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2022 | Child Custody And Parenting Time |

Birdnesting or nesting may sound funny, but it is actually a trend that has become quite popular with divorcing spouses, especially in these historically hard economic times. Nesting is the practice of divorcing spouses to not sell the family home when they are divorcing or even, immediately, after they divorce. Instead, they keep the home, their kids stay there fulltime, but each parent rotates in and out as dictated by the child custody and parenting plan.

Even short nests have benefits

One of the biggest concerns parents have with the divorce process is the negative affects it can have on kids. After all, divorce often uproots their entire lives, forcing a change in schools, a loss of friends and a new way of life. It is often a scary, lonely, confusing and chaotic time.

However, event short term nesting can make the transition from their together-family to two separate families easier. This is because the nesting provides a transition phase that can make the divorce process more streamlined for the children. They can finish out the school year, figure out how to navigate their friendships and just, generally, not have to face the divorce every day and every minute of their lives.

Money saving

Nesting can also save the divorcing couple money. First, there is no immediate costs associated with the children. Neither spouse needs to buy anything as the kids already have everything they need. Second, if the couple shares the non-parenting home or apartment, they can share those costs as well.

And, for the truly amicable couple, if there is room on property, like a separate living space (i.e., garage apartment, etc.), the non-parenting spouse can simply live in that separate space. This set-up is the ultimate money saver. Though, in any scenario, the cost savings can help both spouses save money up for their new life, while helping their kids with the transition.

Not for everyone

Of course, our Birmingham, Alabama, readers read about nesting and, immediately, think it is a great idea. And, for those couples that still love each other, it is a perfect option. For those couples that simply grew apart, or that are best friends when they are not together, nesting can be a great option. However, if there is any animosity left, it likely will not work.