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How are child support orders enforced?

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2022 | Child Support And Modifications |

Parents who have a child support order should be familiar with how a child support order is set up and how they are enforced. Parents may have questions about the different ways child support is enforced.

The state has its ways

Alabama has many tools at its disposal for enforcing child support orders. These include:

  • Income withholding: The court may direct the non-paying parent’s employer to deduct unpaid child support from the parent’s wages.
  • Reporting to credit bureaus: If the non-paying parent owes greater than $1,000 in unpaid child support, it will be reported to the credit bureaus.
  • Certifying debts for income tax offsets: If the parent owes child support, the amount depending on whether or not the child receives public benefits, they may be subject to federal or state tax withholding.
  • Passport denial or revocation: If the non-paying parent owes more than $2,500 in unpaid child support, their passport may be revoked or denied.
  • Liens: A lien can be placed on real estate or personal property such as vehicles, bank accounts, insurance settlements or lump sum payments of the nonpaying parent.
  • License suspension and revocation: The nonpaying parent may have their driver’s license, professional license, sporting or recreational license suspended or revoked.
  • Federal prosecution: Parents who fail to pay child support can face court action being taken against them.

Child support enforcement is an important topic for parents who are subject to a child support order and are either attempting to collection child support or are required to pay it. For that reason, parents should ensure all their questions concerning child support, including child support modification options, are answered.