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Eight ways to address parental alienation

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2022 | Child Custody And Parenting Time |

If you feel like your child has suddenly turned against you and is unleashing unrelenting criticism towards you while showing unwavering support of his or her other parent, then you and your child may be the victims of parental alienation. This process is one in which a child is manipulated by one parent in hopes of breaking that child away from his or her other parent. It’s an abusive process that can have devastating consequences if not rectified quickly.

How can you stop parental alienation?

If you want to prevent parental alienation from causing harm to your child and leading to a more restrictive child custody arrangement, then you need to take action. Here are some action items to effectuate now to protect yourself and your child:

  • Talk to your child’s other parent about the behaviors that you’ve witnessed and ask direct questions about their source.
  • Be loving and positive toward your child no matter what so that he or she can feel open discussing the issue with you.
  • Try not to personalize attacks that your child levies against you, remembering that he or she is a victim here, too.
  • Don’t use punishment as a way to try to rectify the underlying issue.
  • Don’t retaliate against your child’s other parent by speaking poorly about him or her to the child.
  • Document all efforts that you make to visit and communicate with your child.
  • Seek out therapy for yourself and your child, both together and individually if necessary, as this can help uncover the source of your child’s behavior.
  • Avoid being angry or defensive when discussing these matters with professionals.

Take legal action to protect your child and your relationship

In most instances of parental alienation, legal action is necessary to bring the alienating behavior to a stop and to secure a more appropriate child custody arrangement. To achieve these goals, though, you’re going to need evidence and strong legal arguments. That’s where the assistance of a competent legal professional may prove beneficial. If you’d like to learn more about what a law firm like ours can do to help you address parental alienation, then please consider reaching out for more information.