High Asset Divorce Needs Skilled Legal Counsel

Experienced Legal Guidance To Protect Your Interests In Asset Division

New Horizon Family Law provides sound legal advice to negotiate and protect your interests and assets through the challenging process of marital asset division. Our founding attorney, Shane M. Oncale, has more than 27 years of experience assisting individuals like you through a complex high-asset divorce.

In terms of marital assets in a divorce procedure, Alabama favors an equitable division. Our goal is to ensure you have a transparent and truly equitable asset division and to help you choose your battles to protect your interests. We have the experience and required resources to assist you and make your case before the court.

Personable And Knowledgeable Legal Services

Our attorneys have extensive experience handling complex asset division cases including business interests and partnerships, tax benefits, stock or assets held in trusts, 401(k) retirement accounts and others. As we discuss your case, we will help you:

  • Determine which assets are subject to division (marital vs. nonmarital assets).
  • Evaluate the assets to be divided and submit your asset value projection for the judge’s consideration.
  • Protect your interests, negotiate and litigate when required to fight for a fair division of marital assets.

Our lawyers can help you build a strong case and protect your rights. Learn how the help of an experienced and approachable attorney can potentially make a favorable difference.

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