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During marriage dissolution, a critical matter may arise: whether a spouse is qualified for alimony – also called spousal support – or not. Although alimony is not an obligation, a spouse can request economic assistance when filing for divorce. Such support tends to be temporary to allow the other party to gain financial stability / independence.

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Requesting Spousal Support And Considerations To Grant Financial Support

The financial support provided to one spouse in Alabama is subject to specific qualifications that a judge may consider to determine whether one spouse should provide financial support to the other. In addition, a spouse demanding to pay alimony can justify their financial inability for the judge to decide on the next steps.

Some of the aspects a judge may consider for granting alimony include:

  • Standard of living of the spouses while married.
  • Whether one spouse renounced career opportunities or decreased their income.
  • The spouses’ age and health, which are also related to their earning capacity and future employment opportunities.
  • Whether one of the parties committed adultery or there are reports of domestic violence.

Other aspects include the duration of the marriage. Although there is not a minimum time set as a condition to obtain alimony, it helps as a reference to determine the time in which a paying spouse will provide such maintenance. For example, if a marriage lasted 20 years, the supported spouse may receive alimony for a maximum of 10 years.

Spousal support requests should be a part of the divorce proceedings. A spouse will not be able to apply for spousal support after the marriage is dissolved.

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