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Helping You Navigate The Legal System For Stepparent Adoptions

A marriage could result in a blended family with strong bonds favorable for both children and parents. Sometimes, a nonbiological parent may want to get involved in their stepchildren’s life, protect them and even wish to give them their last name when circumstances warrant this.

At New Horizon Family Law in Birmingham, we believe that stepparent adoptions are a happy occasion and a life-changing decision for the parties involved. We provide legal assistance and advice to learn your options, rights and responsibilities and help you with the required steps and paperwork to make the adoption official.

Requirements And Special Considerations

Adopting a stepchild should be understood as a commitment that will last for a lifetime. Once your decision is final and you want to start the process, Alabama law establishes some important requirements to fulfill including the following:

  • A family should reside in Alabama for six months, as a minimum.
  • A couple should be married for three years, at least, prior to submitting the adoption application.
  • The biological mother and father should give their permission for the adoption. However, if the other parent is absent, the adoption process may continue.
  • The child should live with the couple for at least one year.
  • If the child is over 14 years of age, the child to be adopted should provide their consent.

Sometimes, the permission of a biological parent is not necessary. For example: if the biological parent faces domestic violence charges or incarceration, fails to pay child support and meet other needs, or does not answer the petition to adopt.

Our attorneys know the process for stepparent adoptions and are ready to address complex scenarios. We will help you with all the required paperwork and other legal procedures.

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