High Asset Divorce Needs Skilled Legal Counsel

The Skilled Legal Assistance You Need For Child Support Modifications

Life and circumstances may change in terms of an individual’s financial situation or health after a divorce decree. Although such a decree is final, the parties may request further modifications to meet the current needs. However, it is vital to report any change in your status or your wishes to modify key aspects to protect your parental rights and your child’s best interests.

At New Horizon Family Law in Birmingham, we regularly assist individuals in the legal procedures required to notify the courts of any child support modification. We also provide legal guidance to parents facing irregularities in the fulfillment of any of the divorce terms related to children, such as failure to pay child support or hindering visitation rights.

Working On Solutions To Protect Your Children

A petition to modify a divorce decree requires the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney. In addition to helping you with the legal paperwork to submit your petition to the Alabama courts for marriage dissolution, we also discuss the consequences and responsibilities implicit in every change. When we learn about your case, we will explain in detail what to expect from the process and advise you on other considerations or solutions.

We provide personalized legal solutions involving the following:

  • Modification of child support on the basis of unemployment of significant changes in one of the parent’s incomes.
  • Reduction of the child support amount granted due to adverse circumstances that affect a parent’s financial stability such as a medical crisis.
  • Modification of child custody or visitation schedule, according to the child’s best interests that could substantially affect, for example, the amount a noncustodial parent pays.

If you are in arrears in child support, you should notify the court immediately. Otherwise, the consequences could be severe, and you may lose your parental rights. Our founding attorney, Shane Oncale, has more than 27 years of experience helping and guiding parents through the entire procedure to file a petition to the court. Our goal is to protect your rights and your child’s best interests even after a divorce is finalized.

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